I Will Love You Just The Way You Are, Don’t Don’t Change Yourself.


145 Responses to “I Will Love You Just The Way You Are, Don’t Don’t Change Yourself.”

  1. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I shuffled my feet through the wet sand along the shore. I struggled to keep my hair out of my face as the wind blew it in all directions.
    It was the perfect day at the beach.

  2. beautyisthebeast Says:

    I Put My Hands In My Baggy Hoodie Which Reached The End Of My Tattered Jean Shorts, I Sat Down, My Hair Moving Elsewhere In The Sand as I stared up at the crystal blue sky.
    ” Rory! ” I squealed, tilting my head towards her when I heard the ice cream mad.

    • Aurora Hadley Says:

      I smiled looking back at her.
      ” Ice cream time! ” I cheered and started wandering over to the ice cream truck.

  3. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Followed Behind, Standing On My Toes Through Every Step, Then Pulled Her Over, Running To The Truck. I Paused, Standing Behind Two Boys, One With Blonde Hair And The Other With Long Brown hair and a bad sunburn seething through his gray tank top.

  4. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I stopped beside her, my hands in the pockets of my shorts. I looked up and gazed at the back of two heads in front of us. Brown haired one must have never heard about sunscreen.

  5. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Smirked A Bit, Tilting My Head As The Blonde Turned Around, With Winced Eyes, Glanced Down At Us, Then Blushed And Looked Away Quickly When He Noticed Us Looking Back.

  6. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I giggled quietly to myself seeing his reaction. I wanted to say something, but I was never one to randomly talk to strangers. So I stood there waiting to get my ice cream. The smirk remained on my face as I glanced at the ground.

  7. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Turned On My Heel, Looking Over At The Surroundings With My Hand Covering The Top Of My Eye Then, Followed Behind Rory As We Got To The First In Line.

  8. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I ordered myself a vanilla cone and payed the man. I turned to lean my back on the truck as I waited for Trinket to get hers.

  9. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Ordered A Dora Ice cream and Payed, Walking Away While Opening The Bag Thing It Was Wrapped In, Walking Back Down To The Beach. Before We Reached The Beach Part I Plowed Right Into The Sunburned Kid From Earlier.
    ” Shit. ” I Cussed, Looking Up At Him.
    ” Oh, I’m Sorry. ” I Said After Recovering.

  10. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I covered my hand over my mouth in shock as she collided with the boy. I looked at him and found him smiling.
    ” Don’t worry about it. ” He told her with a grin.

  11. Trinket Bower Says:

    I blushed and looked away, looking to the blond who I assumed was his friend, staring at Rory. I Raised An Eyebrow. I Wanted To Ask Him If He Sat In A Grill And That’s Why He Was So Burned.
    ” Uhm. Okay. “

  12. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I glanced over to find the blond one watching me. I quickly blushed and turned my head back to the burned one.
    ” Is your ice cream okay? ” He asked her kindly.

  13. Trinket Bower Says:

    I looked at the Dora thing and felt embarrassed.
    ” Yeah It Is.” I Noted as the blonde kid waved to Rory.
    ” Trinket. ” I Stated, Backing Up A Bit Away From Him and Holding My Hand Out to him.

  14. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I bit my lip as I smiled and waved back.
    ” And I’m Rory. ” I added after her.
    ” I’m Parker. ” The brunette replied to Trinket.

  15. Trinket Bower Says:

    I nodded, waving.
    ” Kole. ” Blondy added.

  16. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” Nice to meet you two. ” I stated nicely looking at the boy now known as Kole.

  17. Trinket Bower Says:

    Kole nodded.
    ” Right back at you. ” He said. Oh,Charming. I Added A Laugh, Biting My Lip Back, But Smiling Anyway.

  18. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I nodded after him feeling the pink color return to my cheeks again.
    I looked over as Parker spoke again. ” So.. What brings you ladies to this wonderful beach today? ” He asked.
    Very cliche, I chuckled to myself.

  19. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” Well, It’s Summer. ” I Started. No Shit Trin.
    ” And We Live Down The Street, So I Think It Works Out. ” I Said and Kole Laughed.

  20. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I nodded again.
    ” Plus there havent been many nice days like today lately. ” I added.
    ” And we could ask you the same thing. ” I noted.

  21. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” We could say the same, but we don’t live down the street. ” Blondy said.
    ” We Live TWO Streets Over. ”
    ” Big Difference. ” I Joked.

  22. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I laughed again at Trinket’s sarcasm.
    That was still pretty close. So how come we’ve never seen them before?
    ” Well it is a whole nother street. ” Parker mentioned.

  23. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” I moved here this summer and Parker over here moved like the week before your school ended. ” Kole added.
    ” Nice. “

  24. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I raised an eyebrow at Kole. It’s like he read my mind.
    ” Well welcome to the neighborhood. ” I said smiling.

  25. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” So Uhm, Want To Go Down To The Beach? ” I Interjected, I Was Pretty Sure They Weren’t Going To Molest Either Rura Or I, So It Was Safe.

  26. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” We’d love to. ” the burned one stated.
    ” Well great. ” I said and the four of us headed back to the main beach.

  27. Trinket Bower Says:

    I skipped behind Aurora and the blond, humming random tunes between pursed lips.

  28. Aurora Hadley Says:

    Parker stayed beside Trin while I scuffled beside Kole. I kept my eyes straight ahead swinging my arms at my side. Every so often I would through a glance at him just for the hell of it.

  29. Trinket Bower Says:

    I looked over at Parker a couple of times, trying not to make it completely obvious I was staring at him. We reached the beach and I ran over and sat in front of the water, the salt water hitting my legs.

  30. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I took a seat beside her and noticed Parker sitting on her other side.
    I stretched my legs out in front of me and leaning back on my hands letting the sun hit my face.

  31. Trinket Bower Says:

    I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye and smiled a bit as Kole sat down next to Rory.

  32. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I looked over and smiled at Kole. I cursed in my head feeling myself blush again and looked back over the water.
    Parker kept his eyes on Trinket the whole time, starting politely.

  33. Trinket Bower Says:

    I looked over at Parker and Nodded With Wide Eyes.
    ” Alright, So. How Old Are You Too? “

  34. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” We’re both eighteen. ” Parker replied. ” And you two? “

  35. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” Eighteen. ” I replied, simply, balancing my head in my hand.

  36. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” Well what a coincidence. ” I chuckled.
    Hadn’t this worked out just perfectly.

  37. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” Yup! ” I Added, Smiling.
    ” What A Coincidence. ” Kole Repeated.

  38. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I turned my head to Kole again and nodded smiling.

  39. Trinket Bower Says:

    I had an urge to lean my head on Parker’s shoulder but I leaned my head on Aurora’s instead

  40. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I looked down at my friend and caught a slightly devestated look on Parkers face out of the corner of my eye. I kept my mouth shut about it though.

  41. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Smiled Watching The Sunset Over The Water As Kole Looked Over At Parker With Confused Eyes.
    ” Dude. ” He Stated, At Parker’s Face.

  42. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I looked at Kole then smirked over at Parker who blinked a few times and looked at his blond friend.
    ” What? ” He asked in defense.

  43. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Kept My Eyes On The Sunset As Kole Just Gave His Friend They What -The -Hell,- Man Looks.

  44. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I laughed softly and pulled my knees up to my chest wrapping my arms around them as a small chill made me shiver.

  45. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Coughed Into My Elbow, Mimicing My Friend’s Actions and Pulling On My Hoodie Sleeve, I Pulled My Head Back Up And Looked Over At Parker.

  46. Aurora Hadley Says:

    Parker looked back at Trinket with a sheepish grin as if he had no idea what his friend was talking about.

  47. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Blushed At His Grin And Then Looked Back Down, Wrapping My Finger Around A Lock Of My Hair. I Always Did That When I Was Nervous. Bad Habit.

  48. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I looked at my friend noticing the way she was twirling her hair. I really wasnt that nervous until I realized Trinket was. I tapped my toes in the water making tiny splashes hit my legs as I looked out at the setting sun.

  49. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Smiled, Leaning My Cheeks Against My Knees. This Is Awkward, I Couldn’t Help But Think, I Looked Over At The Blond Boy Who Just Kept His eyes for my friend.

  50. Aurora Hadley Says:

    Parker cleared his throat to get his friend’s attention. ” Way to blame me when you’re just as bad. ” he said and I blushed remembering the look Kole had given Parker a few minutes earlier.

  51. Trinket Bower Says:

    I looked back to Parker and snickered.
    ” What? ” I asked quickly and Kole looked taken aback at the remark.

  52. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” Uh, nothing. ” Parker stuttered in reply.
    I giggled under my breath. Oh boys. I rolled my eyes.

  53. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” hes just mad because you didn’t. ” and something mumbled came out of Kole’s mouth. I looked at both of them and raised an eyebrow.
    ” hm? “

  54. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” Its nothing. ” Parker mumbled as a soft blush tried to poke out from all his sunburn.

  55. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” Why are you so burnt? ” Finally slipped out of my mouth, except without the sitting in a grill part.

  56. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” I guess I just like the sun. ” He replied smiling again.
    “Well maybe you should protect yourself better. ” I added with a grin.

  57. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” I agree. ” I stated, looking at him and fighting every bad urge imaginable. Kole just laughed and shook his head.

  58. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I looked back at Kole.
    ” Something funny? ” I asked seriously.

  59. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” Naw. ” He stated, winking at Parker. I Looked Back Between The Both Of Them, Confused.

  60. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I did the same as Trinket with the same confusion my face as I focused back on Kole.
    ” Erm okay.. ” I said hesitantly wishing I knew what was going on with those two.

  61. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” This is incredibly awkward. ” I noted, staring blankly over the water again.

  62. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” I’m sorry. ” Parker appoligized. ” We don’t mean to confuse you. ”
    ” Well you did. ” I stated in a teasing tone.

  63. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” Mind filling me in? ” I asked.

  64. Aurora Hadley Says:

    Parker sighed and shook his head, motioning for Kole to take over.
    I turned my head towards him laying my cheek on my knee.

  65. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” Parker LOVES Trinket.” Kole blurted out and I blushed a deep red, covering myself and laying my back on the ground, surprised.

  66. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” Well Kole loves Rory! ” Parker retaliated.
    My cheeks were on fire as I stared wide eyed at the waves in shock.

  67. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Almost Had A Fit Of Laughter As I Looked At Kole’s Face Which Looked Like He Would Explode.

  68. Aurora Hadley Says:

    When I had regained my voice I kept my eyes on the water and said ” Well that’s nice. ”
    I smiled shyly and looked at Kole.

  69. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Kept My Eyes On Parker For The Minute And Smiled Just As Shy As Rory.
    Kole laughed a bit and stared at the sand.

  70. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” You’re laughing? ” I questioned him confused again.
    He was just about to explode and now he was Laughing!?

  71. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” I laugh at awkward situations, and I loved your reaction. ” He said

  72. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I smiled as I bit my bottom lip. I felt the blush creep back up my face.
    ” Well, thank you then. ”
    Parker shook his head again.

  73. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Looked Back And Smiled And Parker.
    ” What’s Wrong? ” I Asked.

  74. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” Nothing. ” He smiled. ” I just find this whole thing to be pretty hilarious. ”
    ” In a really good way. ” He added after.

  75. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” Noo. ” I Accused.
    ” You’re Embarrasseddd. ” I Say, Looking Around.

  76. Aurora Hadley Says:

    He looked forward again.
    ” Yeah maybe that too.. ” I muttered.

  77. Trinket Bower Says:

    I leaned over and kissed his cheek. Innocent, Trin. I told myself.

  78. Aurora Hadley Says:

    All three of us turned to look at Trinket, half in shock but the other half was happy, especially Parker.
    After a moment I looked over at Kole and smiled sheepishly.

  79. Trinket Bower Says:

    Kole raised an eyebrow.
    ” Well, uhm, that was.. uhm. sweet? “

  80. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I bit my lip and slowly leaned over laying my head on his shoulder and tilted my head up. ” Sweet. ” I repeated.

  81. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Covered My Mouth And Fake Gasped At The Sight, Then Looked Back Up At Parker. I Sat Up, Holding My Knees To Me.

  82. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I tilted my head to Trin and shrugged slightly.
    Parker returned the gaze back to my friend with a sweet smile.

  83. Trinket Bower Says:

    Kole smoothed out Rory’s hair, making me smile at the affectionate move.

  84. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I smiled up at him. Thanks to the growing darkness it was getting harder to see his face, but I hoped he knew I was happy.

  85. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Watched The Couple, Smiling And Looked Over At The Water In The Dark.

  86. Aurora Hadley Says:

    Out of the corner of my eye I saw Parker tuck a strand of hair behind Trinket’s ear keeping it out of her face.
    The perfect day at the beach afterall.

  87. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Smiled At Parker, Leaning Back, Mouthing Thank You.
    ” Well, Today Was Great, But I Think We Should Go. ” Kole Started, Pouting.

  88. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I frowned but agreed.
    ” See you soon? ” I asked, or begged rather. Way to sound desperate, I told myself.

  89. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” Soon. ” He promised as I stood brushing sand off myself

  90. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I followed my friends actions straighting out my hoodie, putting the hood up.
    Parker got up and opened his arms up for Trin for a goodnight hug.

  91. Trinket Bower Says:

    Kole stood up, pulling Rory into him, as I hugged Parker back.

  92. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I laughed as I hugged Kole back too.
    ” Goodnight. ” I whispered.

  93. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” Night. ” I Said to them, pulling my hood up, and walking to the exit.

  94. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I followed after her with one quick glance over my shoulder then putting my hands in my pockets again.
    ” Wow. ” I mumbled when we had reached the street back to our houses.

  95. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” Hot damn. ” I added, smiling as I walked down the street.

  96. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I laughed, smiling. ” We went out for ice cream and ended up with two guys. Talk about a wonderful surprise. ” I chuckled again.

  97. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Scrunched Up My Face.
    ‘ A Wonderful Wonderful Surprise. “

  98. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I nodded as I walked up my porch steps.
    ” I’ll talk to you tomorrow. ” I said happily.

  99. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” Bye. ” I Called Out, Walking Down The Block To My House.

  100. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I woke up bright and early the next morning with one thought on my mind. Kole. I barely knew him yet I liked him so much.

  101. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Yawned As I Threw On My GK Tee,Shorts, A Beanie and My Wayfayers, And A Pair Of Slippers As I Stepped Off My Porch.

  102. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I stretched and threw on a pair of shorts and T-shirt and slipped on a pair of flipflops heading out my door.

  103. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Sat On My Porch Spring, Swinging My Feet Against The White Floorboards, Exhaling Loudly.

  104. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I skipped up Trinket’s steps.
    ” Good morning. ” I announced.

  105. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” Hey. ” I Said, Nodding As I Pulled My Earbuds Out Of My Ears, Tangling my fingers in the blue wire.

  106. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” Plans for the day? ” I asked sitting beside her on the swing

  107. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Shrugged, Sighing.
    ” Dunno. “

  108. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” I say we find those guys again. ” I suggested, slightly timid.

  109. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” Where? ” I Asked, Stretching Out My Red Arm.

  110. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I shrugged. That had me stuck.
    ” They supposed to only be a street away. ” I shrugged running a hand through my hair.

  111. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Shrugged.
    ” Calls For A Little Walk. ” I Said, Grabbing My Skateboard Off The Side Of The Wall And Going Into The Street And Sitting On It.

  112. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” A walk? ” I raised an eyebrow when she sat down in the street.

  113. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Stood Up On My Board.
    ” Let’s Go Over There Of Course. “

  114. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” Of course. ” I said and started walking down the middle of this old abondoned street.

  115. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Kept My Balance As I Checked My Watch, Keeping My Balance.

  116. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” Time? ” I asked when she looked at her watch.

  117. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” Quarter Past Noon. ” I Said, Rubbing My Eye With My Upper Arm.

  118. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I nodded holding back a yawn and looking at each house we past by.

  119. Trinket Bower Says:

    I sighed as we reached the next street, sitting down on my skateboard, and pushing myself foward.

  120. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” I need to get one of those. ” I laughed pushing my feet forward.

  121. Trinket Bower Says:

    I smiled a bit and nodded, playing with the rubber bracelet on my right arm, scanning the houses.

  122. Aurora Hadley Says:

    We continued down the street. I carefully looked into every house I could with our looking like a creeper.

  123. Trinket Bower Says:

    I yawned and looked down, the houses.

  124. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” Maybe we should give up. ” I said after another 5 minutes of walking aimlessly down the street.

  125. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” Hey! ” I heard kole call out, stop my skateboard with his foot.

  126. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I turned at his voice.
    ” Oh hey. ” I replied with a smile.

  127. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Looked Around For Parker, As Kole Nodded, Smiling At Rory.

  128. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” Way to wait for me! ” Parker called as he ran up to the rest of us.
    I just smiled back at Kole.

  129. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” Hey ” I Said Sheepishly, Smiling Up At Him.
    Kole Just Smiled Back At Rory.

  130. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” Hey. ” He said back smiling back down to her. He sat on the curb across from Trin while I stood there with Kole.

  131. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Put Both Feet On Either Side Of The Board, Bringing My Knees To My Chest As I Pushed Myself Frontwards Then Back With My Toes.

  132. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” So were guys following us or something? ” I teased, smirking at Kole.

  133. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” You’re in front of my house. ” He noted, chuckling, and by reflex I glanced over at the house to my right.
    ” sweet.”

  134. Aurora Hadley Says:

    “Oh. ” I said looking over at the house. A slight blush took over my cheeks at the realization.

  135. Trinket Bower Says:

    He chuckled again. Typical. I twirled my finger around my hair, looking down at the dark cement.

  136. Aurora Hadley Says:

    I looked back at Parker who still had his eyes on Trinket as she twirled her hair.
    ” What are you doing wandering down our street anyway? ” he asked.

  137. Trinket Bower Says:

    I Blushed a deep crimson, looking back up at him.
    ” We Live Over There. ” I Said Blankly, Pointing To The Street On The Other Side Of The One We Were On

  138. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” So just out for a morning walk? ” He asked.
    ” Its afternoon. ” I clarified.

  139. Trinket Bower Says:

    ” But yes. ” I said after Ror.

  140. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” Well I’m glad. ” Parker said almost whispering.

  141. Trinket Bower Says:

    Kole punched Parker in the arm, chuckling.
    ” Pansy. ” He stated and I looked up.
    ” Hey! ” My Blush Was Much Worse Now.
    ” That’s Not Nice. ” I Added.

  142. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” Yeah! ” Parker said after Trinket but blushing a little himself.
    I laughed quietly.

  143. Trinket Bower Says:

    Kole Raised An Eyebrow, Scoffing. I Exchanged My Eyes Back To The Ground, Embarrassed By My Interjection.

  144. Aurora Hadley Says:

    ” So what are you up to today? ” I asked after a moments silence.

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